About Us

We have started the concept “SwapnaBhavanam” for everyone who wants to build their dream home. We are the best team you can reach for this project.

Who we are:

  • Team of architects and engineers (10) having more than 25 years of experience in India and middle east
  • expertise of building more than 100+ projects
  • we are also executing Govt. and private projects
  • transparent billing and quality construction only
  • lowest margin collected from clients

    സ്വന്തമായ് ഒരു വീട് എന്ന ആഗ്രഹമുള്ള ഏതൊരു മലയാളിക്കും വേണ്ടിയാണു ഞങ്ങൾ സ്വപ്നഭവനം എന്ന പദ്ധതി